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| Last Updated:: 09 Sep 2016

Sports Detail 2014-15

Name of Organizing College/University   Game   Place Level Of Tournament   Date Name of Participating Team/Selected Player
C.S.J.M. University Kanpur Kho-Kho University Campus Kanpur Inter colligate(w) Kho-Kho Championship 05-12-14 Juhari Devi G.P.G. College Team Runner
C.S.J.M. University Kanpur Kho-Kho(w) University Campus Kanpur North Zone Intervarsity (w) Kho-Kho Championship 21-12-14 Selected Players Fareen, Jyoti,manisha
D.B.S.P.G.College Kanpur Boxing M/W College Campus Inter Colligate Boxing M/W Championship 12-11-14 Anjali Verma 54kg. 1st Place
Jalandhar University Boxing M/W University Campus Jalandhar All India Intervarsity M/W Boxing Championship 04-01-15 Selected Player Anjali Verma
Boxing Association Bilaspur Chhattisgarh Boxing M/W Bilaspur Chhattisgarh 16th Senior Women Boxing Championship Bilaspur 27-12-14 Selected Player Anjali Verma U.P. Team
C.S.J.M. University Kanpur Cricket (W) University Campus Kanpur Inter Colligate (w) Cricket Championship 20-09-14 Juhari Devi G.P.G. College Team Participated
Rohatak University Haryana Cricket(w) University Campus Rohatak( Haryana) All India Intervarsity (w) Cricket Championship 26-11-14 Selected Players Subhangi, Garima, Fareen, Divya Preeti
Juhari Devi G.P.G. College Kanpur Annul Sports Christ Church College Play  Ground 47th College Annual Sports Meet 29-01-15 Individual Championship Fareen M.A. I
C.S.J.M. University Kanpur Hockey University Campus Kanpur Inter Collegiate (w) Hockey Championship 10-09-14 Participated players Swati, Saifali, Fareen, Jyoti, Manisha, Ruchi, Team – Runner
M.D. University Rohatak Hockey University Campus Rohatak North Zone Intervarsity(w) Hockey Championship 22-12-14 Selected Player Saifali Kumari
C.S.J.M.  University Kanpur Volley Ball University Campus Kanpur Inter Colligate (w) Volley Ball Championship 15-09-14 Juhari Devi G.P.G.College Team Participated
Simla University Volley Ball University Campus Shimla North Zone Intervarsity(w) Volley Ball Championship 04-10-14 Selected Player Manisha Tiwari
C.S.J.M. University, Kanpur Athletic University Campus Kanpur Inter Colligate M/W Athletic Championship 15,16,17 Oct.14 Juhari Devi G.P.G.College Team Anjali Verma Hammer Throw II Place Anjali, Manisha III Place
Juhari Devi G.P.G. College Kanpur Badminton College Campus Inter Colligate (w) Badminton Championship 19-09-14 Juhari Devi G.P.G.College Team Runner
Jammu University Badminton University Campus Jammu North Zone Inter Versity M/W Badminton Championship 27-10-14 Selected players Swati, Saifali, Pooja
S.N .Sen Balika P.G. College Kanpur Foot-Ball Green Park Stadium Kanpur Inter Colligate (w) Foot-Ball Championship 22-09-14 Juhari Devi G.P.G. College Team Runner