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What's New
| Last Updated:: 31 Mar 2023



  1. The college has the facility of OHP and PPT for delivering lectures and dispersing information.
  2. Internet facility has been forwarded to the teachers and research scholars to facilitate teaching and learning.
  3. Despite having no Departmental libraries, the faculty members are maintaining their own collection of text and reference books which are issued to the students as and when required.
  4. The college has a reading room with the facility of reading magazines, journals, newspapers and reference books.
  5. There is an unconstructed area and open space within the campus. It  is used for students’ outdoor activities and parking of vehicles.
  6. There is a well-maintained garden with ever-green plants which not only provides oxygen and reduce air-pollution but also fulfill aesthetic sense of staff and student alike.
  7. The institution is well-equipped with latest gadgets and appliances.
  8. There is a canteen in the college premise to satisfy the organoleptic sensation of the students and staff.
  9. The college also has zerox machines installed in the library and principal office.
  10. Installation of Biometric machine, public address system and CCTV cameras have also been ensured by the college.
  11. In collaboration with an NGO “Mahila Manch-Sakhi Kendra”, Kanpur the institution has established a Mahila help line for women staff and students' redressal.
  12. The college has purchased new inverters for power back-up. It also has generators for the same purpose.
  13. The college also has extended financial help to the poor students through its Poor Girls’ Fund and redemption of fees.
  14. The college also has Fax machine, intercom and telephone for internal connectivity.
  15. The college provides remedial courses to academically weaker students.
  16.  There is a Guidance and Counseling Cell to help students in shaping their careers.
  17. An established student council “Jagrti” is constituted every year wherein students get an opportunity to showcase their literary, cultural and artistic talents through various co-curricular and extra-curricular activities.
  18. The Department of physical-education organizes Annual Sports Day and other sports activities for physical fitness of the students.
  19. The institution publishes its own college magazine ‘PRAGATI’, in which articles and poems of staff and students are published every year. The achievements of staff and students, various activities of the college committees etc. are also highlighted in it.
  20. Through the “Student Redressal Cell” the problems and complaints of the students (within the college) are redressed and resolved.
  21. Keeping in mind the health of  staff  and students, there are separate washrooms and toilets which are regularly maintained and cleaned by the sweepers.
  22. Water coolers with aqua-guard water filter and RO system are installed to provide free drinking water.