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What's New
| Last Updated:: 02 Jan 2023




Chairperson Dr. Mamta Verma, Principal
Convener Dr. Chandni Saxena, Associate Professor, History
Faculty Members Dr. Gyanprabha Agrawal, Associate Professor, Economics
Dr. Sunita Dwivedi, Associate Professor, Sitar
Dr. Alpana Rai, Associate Professor, Education
Dr. Archana Dixit, Associate Professor, Political Science
Dr. Alka Dwivedi, Associate Professor, Hindi
Dr. Sadhana Yadav, Assistant Professor, Psychology
Dr. Ragini, Assistant Professor, Sociology
Member from Management Secretary, Board of Management
Administrative Officer/Office Superintendent Sri Anjani Tiwari, OS
Member from Local Society Dr. V.D. Pandey, Associate Professor,
Dept. of English, PPN College, Kanpur
Nominee of Alumni Dr. Niranjana Shukla
Student Representative Km. Khushi Bajpayee ( BA. II)
Nominee of Employer Smt. Rajshree Dalmia, Manager, Board of Management
Stakeholders 1. Sri. I.M. Rohtagi, Member, Board of Management
2. Sri. Ritesh Dixit, Parent