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| Last Updated:: 09 Nov 2019



  Name Ph .No.   EmailĀ  ID
Dr. Rajat Chaturvedi (Principal) 9839119628  
Smt. Seema Ghosh 9415043920
Dr. Sushma Pathak 9839800656
Dr. Jyotirmayee Tripathi 9415533133
Dr. Rani Agrawal 9415727596
Dr. Sudha Gupta 9450690515
Dr. Gyan Prabha Agrawal 9450174358
Dr. Vandana Narain 9415600487
Smt. Suman Pandey 9956122033
Dr. Ranju Kushwaha 941500463
Dr .Surabhi Mishra 9838104577
Smt. Jaya Misra 9984578999
Dr. Meena Singh Gaur 9415131261
Dr. Sunita Dwivedi 9452032805
Dr. Alpana Rai 9235592041
Dr. Archana Dixit 9415478670
Dr. Chandni Saxena 9450333738
Smt. Jyoti Agnihotri 9415153876
Dr. Alka Dwivedi 9839308148
Dr. Shalini Agrawal 9450936060
Dr. Vineta 9411902500
Dr. Mohini Shukla 7499996475
Dr. Akanksha Gupta 9451422632  
Dr. Khusboo 7037979405  
Dr. Sadhana Yadav 7376524009  
Namrata Singh 89538800483  
Dr. Kalpana Gaur (Nishchit Mandeya) 0512-2542667