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| Last Updated:: 02 Jan 202

Short History

College Name:     Juhari Devi Girls P.G. College, Kanpur
College Code:      KN-13

Situated on the banks of river Ganga, Kanpur is an ancient city which boasts of equally ancient values and traditions. Lately, these values have begun hailing girls' education and heralding this modern trend, Juhari Devi Girls P.G. College stands high as a symbol of female empowerment through education, in the city. The institution was established by the famous industrialist Sir Padampat Singhania(J.K. Group) in the fond memory of his maternal grandmother, Smt. Juhari Devi. Dr. Vijay Laxmi Pandit laid the foundation of the institution in 1946 as a small school having two teachers and 20 students. From there, it blossomed into primary, high school, intermediate and finally postgraduate college. On 3rd August, 1963, at 4:30 pm, the then Governor of Uttar Pradesh, India, Hon'ble Shri Vishwanath Das inaugurated Juhari Devi Girls' Degree college. The mission was to provide higher education to girls especially from lower income group of society.

In 1967 the college received its permanent affiliation from Kanpur University with twelve undergraduate subjects. In 1968, the postgraduate classes of Psychology, Hindi, Drawing and Painting and Music started. Sanskrit received it recognition in 1968 and Home-Science in 2002 as self finance course.


Past Principals and Their Tenure

S. No. Name of the Principal From To
1- Dr. Sudha Bhatnagar 1963 1965
2- Dr. Suman 13-07-1965 30-06-1987
3- Dr. Vidya Chauhan  (Acting) 01-07-1987 26-09-1988
4- Dr. Vidya Chauhan 27-09-1988 30-06-1998
5- Dr. Rekha Nigam (Acting) 01-07-1998 15-02-1999
6- Dr. Maya Dwivedi  (Acting) 16-02-1999 09-10-2000
7- Dr. Manjulata Vishwakarma 10-10-2000 13-08-2003
8- Smt. Amrita Pant  (Acting) 15-08-2003 24-05-2007
9- Dr. Niranjana Shukla (Acting) 25-05-2007 21-10-2007
10- Smt. Amrita Pant  (Acting) 22-10-2007 21-01-2009
11- Dr. Babyrani Agrawal 22-01-2009 15-07-2016
12- Dr. Niranjana Shukla 16-07-2016 13-01-2018
13- Dr. Alka Misra  (Acting) 14-01-2018 14-03-2018
14- Dr. Rekha Shukla  (Acting) 15-03-2018 09-07-2018
15- Dr. Rajat Chaturvedi  (Acting) 10-07-2018 10-11-2021
16- Dr. Mamta Verma 11-11-2021              -