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| Last Updated:: 13 Sep 2016


The college library has more than 32560 books of which 2500 are textbooks and 30060 are reference books. It subscribes more than 46 peer reviewed  journals and has 984 back volumes of different journals. The library is open to access by students and teachers for 6 hours on working days and 10 hours on examination days. The services are fully computerized. Accession of books,catalogues and issue or return of books to faculty members are all computerized. There is a Library and Reading Room Committee with following members:

  1. Dr.  R. Chaturvedi                              Convener
  2. Dr. Geeta Mathur                               Co-convener
  3. Dr. S. Mishra                                       Co-convener
  4. Dr. Shalini Agarwal                            Member
  5. Dr. Jyoti Agnihotri                              Member


The committee conducts the following works:

  • Monitors the smooth and hassle-free working of the library and reading room.
  • Seeks solutions to the library-related problems of staff and students.
  • Advises and recommends the demand for books, journals, periodicals, newspapers, magazines and other reading materials.
  • Suggests suitable recommendations as and when required.

The various support facilities available in the library include:

  • Computers with internet facility and printer for staff and students.
  • Broadband internet connection for online referencing and other related works.
  • Separate photocopier with printer and scanner for reprographic purposes.
  • The library also provides materials for competitive examinations, magazines and local dailies in Hindi and English. It is in the process of acquiring the connection of INFLIBNET and inter-library borrowing facility.